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November 14 2017

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Arras, France

A whole night long
crouched close
to one of our men
with his clenched
grinning at the full moon
with the congestion
of his hands
thrust right
into my silence
I’ve written
letters filled with love

I have never been
coupled to life

— Vigil, Giuseppe Ungaretti, 1915

November 13 2017

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U.S. Army Company A, Ninth Machine Gun Battalion. Three soldiers man a machine gun set up in railroad shop in Chateau Thierry, France, on June 7, 1918. #

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if I lay here….

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Alle porte d'Italia, Plinio Nomellini, 1918

one of my favorite artists

November 12 2017

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Who will remember passing through this Gate,
The unheroic dead who fed the guns?
Who will absolve the foulness of their fate,
Those doomed, conscripted, unvictorious ones?
— S Sassoon, On Passing the New Menin Gate (via thedancingwalrus-blog)
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Poetry Inspiration Moodboards | gasoline

Love the abyss inside of you and it will love you back.

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The Comrades we left behind By a wounded Officer at Crowborough Place, Red Cross Hospital.

Kidbrooke Park, September 13th, 1916
To be retailed at no less than 6d. each. Sold for the benefit of the Funds of the British Red Cross Society.

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Smerf in the poppies field for Remembrance Day and Independence Day in Poland from GypsyHorses of Podolin Stud

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Here rests in honor and glory, a soldier known but to God

Remember. Always Remember.

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It’s Remembrance/Veteran’s Day so I introduced the kiddos to my Great War lead soldier. I don’t know exactly how old he is, but I got him from an antique store and he’s definitely been through a lot.

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Tombes de camarades by Jean Lefort, 1916

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Grave of French soldier Edouard Ivaldi, Champagne

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Remember with honour the 9th Scottish Division

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